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I had ombré done to my nails. Truly amazing blending is excellent. Well done Eni you have done brilliant job my nails look beautiful.


I went to Magic after a nearby salon completely destroyed my nails. I have natural long nails and I’ve been getting gel for the least 4 years. I usually take the colour off and pick a new one or a new design. For me this way my nails are always protected. In the other salon they drilled my nails so much they look like paper. You can see trough them now. After 7 days of painful bending while doing the bare minimum (showering, putting clothes on, etc), I went to Magic. I got an express OPI manicure. The girls were lovely and made me feel very welcomed. The space is very clean and the tools sanitised, which for me is a big deal. After the manicure, my nails are still bending as they’re so thin, however, the girls advised me to get a different treatment next time, to harden them and make sure my natural nails are as healthy as possible. I will continue visiting Magic, and I recommend you to do exactly the same! You get what you paid for, and in this salon you’ll not be wasting you money. They’re truly the best salon in Watford.


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Excellent nails and service. Eni is wonderful.


Everything was perfect and my nails looks super nice! Thank you!